“Become an unflinching source of kindness and Self-compassion for yourself.” – Pete Walker

Have you found yourself unsure of where to turn when you are overcome with powerful emotions? Do you think about suicide as a way to get out of the pain you are in or think about suicide and not even sure why you have those thoughts? Suicidal thoughts and overpowering emotions are normal human experiences. Often suicidal thoughts or overpowering emotions are torturous to live with. Maybe they make you feel like you are just surviving through life. This is a painful place to be in and I’m here to let you know there are ways to break free from these experiences. If you are needing support to learn how you can change your inner experience of overwhelming emotions and suicidal thoughts reach out to me. There is  a way to learn from the suicidal thoughts and create self-care out of the thoughts which allows space to be able to work on what brings up the suicidal thoughts. I am here to guide you through the pain and cultivate inner strength to be able live your life more closely aligned with your core values.


“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” – Brené Brown

I am a compassionate and authentic human who is passionate about being with others through pain and finding ways to thrive in life. I am passionate about Internal Family Systems (IFS) and will help you learn about parts of yourself. From this place we listen to your parts and provide them with their needs to allow you to feel more inner knowing and strength.

I attended Chicago Theological Seminary and received a Masters in Divinity in 2014. I weave spirituality through my work with clients. I hold an open and welcoming stance to spirituality. No matter what your tradition or beliefs are I meet you where you are and offer guidance to explore what spirituality means to you. I attended Regis University and received a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2019. As well, I received a Post Graduate Certificate in Depth Psychotherapy. This combination of degrees allows me to tenderly sit with people who are experiencing intense emotions and have been through painful experiences. I attune to where you are and gently guide you into your internal world to gain awareness to your personal workings. From this place we can work towards shifting and healing past hurts.

I work from the perspective of Internal Family Systems (IFS) and hold a Level 1 training certificate as of June 2019. I hold awareness of my own internal world as I work with people to deepen into their internal world. This allows me to be present and grounded as we explore what is occurring in your internal world. Exploring your internal world and learning how to care for yourself can create a new way to being in relationships with others and coming to life’s challenges in new and skillful ways.




  • An Adult who experienced childhood Trauma (complex trauma)
  • Dissociation
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Spiritual Exploration

Internal Family Systems (IFS) — Parts work

Cost: $115 cash/check — $120 credit card

Group Work:

Exploring the Depths of Suicidal Ideation through Images: Living to Tell your Story

This Group begins June 6th 2019 and runs for 8 weeks. Designed by myself to help people explore actual suicidal thoughts, listen to the suicidal thoughts message and create self-care out of the message. This is a co-led group at People House. Pre-registration is required. Please call or email today to learn more about the group. It is a Heart of Service donation based group. Click on the link for more information and register now!

Exploring Depths of Suicidal Ideation through Images: Living to Tell Your Story

Thursday, Jun 6, 2019, 3:00 PM

People House
3035 W 25th Ave Denver, CO

5 Individuals Attending

An 8-session therapy group designed to talk openly about personal suicidal ideation in hopes to find deeper meaning and alternative responses to suicidal ideation. To join in a supportive community with others who have personal experience living with suicidal ideation. We will create art to express suicidal ideation and tend suicidal images. All in…

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