Hi, I’m Heidi

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.”

– Brené Brown

Part of My Story

My friends would tell you that I am passionate about Internal Family Systems because it changed my life and I believe it can change your life too. I come with passion, patience, loyalty, a deep sense of spiritual connection and openness. I can be a bit of a nerd who loves learning and finding what actually helps myself and others grow. In sessions I offer myself and guide people through their internal world for deeper understanding. I am constantly quickly assessing myself internally to interact with you from the most true and Self-Led place possible. I attune to you and help you to find that magical Self place within yourself.

My road to becoming an individual therapist specializing in anxiety, depression, trauma therapy and suicidal ideation support has been unique. I started off wanting to be a minister in a liberal christian church. Being an introvert I came to understand one on one conversations are the most fulfilling. Knowing this about myself and the growth I experienced in my personal therapy when I was in seminary led me to seek a counseling degree. I am like all humans who have struggles and challenges in life. I have lived with suicidal ideation and learned how to hear messages from suicidal thoughts for self-care. My mind and body have messages for me. I fully believe your body and mind hold powerful message for you, too. I have learned over the years how to attune to myself. Learning to attune to myself has been drastically important on my path to transformation and healing.

Although I believe transformation and healing can be a life long journey, I also know there have been pivotal points in my life that led to a deeper sense of knowing myself and being grounded in who I am. I can only thrive when I feel grounded in myself. With work through several therapists I went on a journey. First, I discovered I have feelings and began to feel them and be less dissociated. Next, I worked with a somatic therapist to gain grounding and comfort in my own body and learned tangibly about boundaries. Then I moved into a relational therapy model where I began to transform pre-verbal hurts through honesty and trust in the therapy relationship. However, one of the most powerful experiences has been with Internal Family Systems. I have many parts (which is a normal human experience). Parts work has allowed me to clearly identify what is happening inside and how to offer that part of me the care it needs. When I am able to notice parts of myself and connect to them I become more appreciative of the life I have and hopeful, knowing I can thrive in this life. Caring for parts of me is how I tenderly love myself. You too can learn to be grateful and loving towards all aspects of you, even the most fearful parts.

I use my own growth experiences as a therapist. Knowing my own parts well I am able to provide for my own needs, allowing me to show up devoted to your needs and situation. I bring a grounded, passionate and creative presence into the therapy room where I met you in your struggles. I know it is not easy to share vulnerabilities and trauma with another person. I value all parts you come with and we will work with each part to establish trust, both internally and externally. I am here to be a guide in supporting your goals, healing, and transformation. You are so courageous for even considering therapy. I know you may need time to reach out. See if you can find that small voice in you that is courageous and knows reaching out will benefit all of you. As you are ready to live from your deepest inner power contact me and we will journey together as you unfold who you truly are.


These are reflections on who I am from friends, colleagues, ministers from a variety of areas of my life. I hope they provide you with a better sense of who I am. If you resonate with any of these qualities feel free to reach out, I’m looking forward to connecting with YOU!

Authentic- Even to the point of eschewing cultural expectation.

Warm- Easy to talk to, inviting, humble but not overly so.

Reflective- A true introvert, will think and listen before offering feedback.

Teachable- Open to input and advice from others (this is very lovely because others enjoy sharing themselves with you).

Impulsive- Can make large decisions quickly with so much conviction -it’s breathtakingly bold!

Private Practice Therapist Colleague, Lafayette, CO

Heidi is someone who is self-assured in who she is. Heidi presents herself physically in a manner that shows she knows herself. Her choice of haircut, tattoos, and clothing show that she is not afraid to declare to society that she is confident to ‘go against the grain.’  In meeting with other people, I would imagine this confidence would allow others to feel like they could be open with her as well.

Minister, Boulder, CO

I feel drawn to your ability to speak up, willingness to be vulnerable, and find it refreshing that you speak with clear intention and direction. I find you to be a wise soul, and learn a lot from you by what you share and know about your own internal system. 

Colleague, Therapist in Broomfield, CO

Qualities that define you:

A student: always learning and growing 


See and appreciate the wonders around you

Blunt in your self-expression, there’s no B.S. with you!

Friend, Grand Junction, CO

I deeply appreciate and honor your capacity for self-reflection and your willingness to do some really hard self-work. I admire your integrity, when you realized that pastoral ministry was not a fit for you, in walking away from it, and making some space for listening for God’s call to another form of service. That is hard, especially when you know that other people have particular expectations for you and your life, and you chose to make a different decision.

Mentor - Minister - Therapist, Grand Junction, CO

I have always viewed you as an awesomely unique person who doesn’t try to be someone you’re not. You are honest and will always tell me (or others) what you truly think. You are passionate, caring, and understanding.

Longtime Childhood Friend, Colorado

The top 5 qualities that define you: 



A sense of searching for meaning- it’s very spiritual. 

Joyful; in the way in which you have a deep undercurrent of joy and bring joy wherever you go. 

Intelligent, insightful, where the truth matters. 

Personal Therapist, Boulder, CO

You are a Deep Listener. You remember things people tell you.  You remember birthdays and important anniversaries. You remember details of stories that the story teller has forgotten. When you are listening, the speaker has the certainty that their story is “being stored somewhere sacred,” not just passing through. 

Minister, Denver, CO

Qualities that describe Heidi:




Good Boundaries 

Friend, Chicago, IL

It’s weird; I don’t really think of experiences with you. I think more of your presence in our life and the thought of that is comforting and calming and warm.

Longtime Friend, Denver, CO

You are a slow processor. In the therapeutic setting, this comes across as non-reactive, wholly present, unfazed, unflappable, non-anxious, grounded, open and emotionally available to receive more information / pain / truth, etc.

Mentor, Denver, CO

Heidi seems to care very much about other people. I have seen her with people at church that she appears has a close relationship and she stays close with them. I do not know well enough to know why she chooses to stay close to the people she is with. I have a feeling that her caring for other people guides her friendships and social choices in life. As many people who choose to go into a profession and calling to care for others, she is able to differentiate between personal and work relationships. 

Minister, Boulder, CO

You are eminently trustworthy. You do not share secrets, volunteer information, tell other’s news. If you are asked to hold something confidential, you do (barring the usual harming self and others limitations). Even when you are not asked to hold something confidential, you err on the side of caution and only share when given permission. This is quite rare in the world.  

Dear Friend, Denver, CO

You are ethical. You have a solid sense of moral grounding that you know instinctively in yourself.

Mentor, Denver, CO


    • Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (LPCC) – May 2019
    • M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling – Regis University 2019
    • Post Graduate Certificate in Depth Psychotherapy – Regis University 2019
    • Masters in Divinity – Chicago Theological Seminary 2014
    • B.A in Sociology Human Services – Mesa State College 2010


    • Internal Family Systems Level 2 Deepening and Expanding Training – Center for Self Leadership October 2019
    • Internal Family Systems Level 1 Training – Center for Self Leadership 2019
    • Attachment Based Family Therapy workshop – 2017
    • Peer Support Specialist Training – RMCP 2016
    • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) 2016

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