COVID-19 has more than ever shown the way in which racism and white supremacy are functioning in our society today. As a white therapist, I am taking a stand to continue my own work to deepen understanding and gain clarity on how I can be part of dismantling racism. If you, as well, are feeling called to deepen your own understanding of racism and white privilege please use these resources. We need everyone to do their part to work on ending racism. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Yes, there have been devastating media caught deaths of black men and women in recent days. However, our county was built on racism so it will continue to take time to dismantle the systems that were built. We can no longer be passive and wait for better days. We must use effective action to make a difference.

This video are a few words from myself. With any trauma we can find ourselves in overwhelming emotion. When caught in overwhelm it can be challenging to tak any action. Ground yourself, create a larger space for your emotions. Listen to your emotions and take action when you have a glimpse of clarity. The action need not be perfect, come from a place of courage, love, clarity and ACT.

IFS Content

Videos on racism from the 2017 and 2018 IFS conference.

Shared Resource Lists

There are so many resources to educate yourself which have been beautifully put together. Rather than recreating a full on resource list I direct you to these. I know it can feel overwhelming, pick one and start there.


The Cross and The Lyncing Tree: A Requiem for Ahmaud Arbery

is a visual sermon followed by a conversation on racism.


Soul 2 Soul Sisters is an organization in Denver, Colorado that holds cohorts of people to End Anti-Black Racism. A new cohort starts in August, go here to register.


Jewish Racial Justice Resources from the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable


Are you committed to deepening into yourself? Are you looking to gain clarity on what actions to take around racism work? Would you like support to sort through all your feelings and reactions around racism? We can work together to create larger holding spaces for your emotions and lessen overwhelm so you can take action that is true to your values.

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