Individual Psychotherapy


Other Areas

          • Dissociation
          • OCD
          • Spiritual Exploration


Group Psychotherapy

Exploring the Depths of Suicidal Ideation through Images: Living to Tell Your Story

This group if for those who experience suicidal thoughts and want to change how you relate to suicidal thoughts. Designed by Heidi Lindeman to explore the messages under suicidal thoughts and create self-care. I believe suicidal ideation and urges are there to tell us something important in our lives. As a group we come together being supported by others with similar experiences. This is a co-led group. Pre-registration is required. There is a waitlist gathering members and the group will begin once 6 people are enrolled. Schedule a consult to get onto the waitlist. 

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  • $225 – 50 min individual psychotherapy
  • $65 – group psychotherapy