1. Do you take insurance? I do not take insurance, however, I can provide superbills you can submit to your insurance. There are benefits you have not going through insurance. Without insurance we are free to work together for the amount of time that is best for your healing. We can work together to decide how long therapy is needed. Without insurance we do not have to use diagnosis that could potentially follow you. However, if you want to use the superbill for insurance we may have to use a diagnosis so you can be reimbursed. There is more freedom in tailoring therapy specifically for your healing by not relying on insurance.
  2. Are you a Christian counselor? No. Although, I did attend seminary for training in religion and I myself am Christian, I am not a Christian counselor. I hold the belief and understanding that we all have a unique spriritual and religious path. I find spirituality an important piece of life. I do not push my beliefs on anyone. I welcome all religious perspectives and am here to help you grapple with questions you have around your own faith and spiritual journey. I enjoy exploring clients spiritual sides and when appropriate using spirituality as a resource.
  3. Is Internal Family Systems (IFS) about Family therapy? No, I use IFS with individuals. We work to learn about parts of you and work within your system. Check out https://www.selfleadership.org for more information on IFS.
  4. If I talk about suicide are you going to admit me to a hospital? My stance is one where accepting the suicidal parts of you and learning about them through IFS therapy. I am not afraid of suicide and do not immediately jump to hospitalization. We will explore your suicidal parts and uncover what they need. I do my best to work with you in open and honest conversations around suicide and what is going to be most supportive for you. I do my best to create a welcoming environment to explore suicidal thoughts and learn from them. We will work together to find what will work best for you in your healing journey and every day life. Calling for a welfare check would occur if you tell me you acted on your suicidal thoughts or are going to soon, because I am legally obligated too. However, I will always do my best to not call, unless that is what you want. I will do everything I can to provide the support needed in our culture that stigmatizes suicide. You did not create suicidal thoughts, they are part of you and are expressing something specific.