Exploring the Depths of Suicidal Ideation through Images:

Living to Tell Your Story

A waitlist is being gathered – Due to COVID no groups are being held at this time. I continue to gather a waitlist for when it is safe to be in person again.

Consider individual therapy at this time if you would like support now with your suicidal thoughts.

Reach out now to be added to the waitlist; or request individual support.

Living with suicidal thoughts is not easy, it’s not fun, it’s probably something you don’t want to experience as much as you do.

If you are on this page either you or someone you know lives with suicidal thoughts. In our society there is a stigma around suicide. When I look around for support for people who experience suicidal thoughts the only real support I see is the crisis line, walk in crisis centers, hospitals and the occasional therapist who is not afraid of suicidal thoughts.

This has left me questioning why are suicidal thoughts quickly labeled as a crisis?

Generally there are two main reactions someone has when you talk about suicide; either they think you’re in crisis or they dismiss your thoughts all together. If they jump to crisis situation there’s the risk they will want you to be admitted to the hospital; which may or may not be what you actually need. This can create fear so you don’t speak about your thoughts. Or if you find the courage to tell someone you are having thoughts of suicide and they dismiss, ignore, or get so afraid and you end up taking care of them, you minimize your own pain. Again, you get a message that talking about your suicidal thoughts is wrong. Being ignored, silenced, told not to talk about suicide because it’s “attention seeking” or being told you’re going to be admitted to the hospital even if you don’t want that can increases the intensity of suicidal thoughts.

What do you do when talking about suicidal thoughts leaves you in a place that lacks what you truly need?

How can you have a different experience if you aren’t allowed to talk about what’s really happening for you?

The tension of being stuck with growing thoughts of suicide with very few places to openly talk is why I created this group. Knowing this tension intimately myself and recognizing there is so much more to suicidal thoughts than having to kill myself I wanted to offer what I have learned back to others. You can learn how to listen beyond the images and face value thoughts of killing yourself to a different space. You can hear deeper messages and end having to fight urges to not kill yourself. But why would you want to listen deeper to your suicidal thoughts? Why not just think positive and change how you think?

My guess is you have tried to think positive, to not have suicidal thoughts, and it hasn’t worked. You’re here looking for something else to help you because you can’t control your thoughts. What if you didn’t have to control your thoughts? I have never been one who has been able to choose what I think. I have however, been able to notice what I think about and learn to relate differently to it. You can change your own relationship to suicidal thoughts. What is possible begins by using the courage inside to say you have suicidal thoughts. Start small and build up your courage. Start by reading the rest of this page and then filling out the contact form. Reach out to me, someone who has been through the suicidal struggle, found deeper meaning and is passionate about helping you with your suicidal thoughts. Know entering a group of others who live with suicidal thoughts can provide you a space to know you are not alone in suicdal thoughts. Together we work towards ending the stigma around suicide. Your voice matters.

This group is for those who live with suicidal thoughts. In the group we explore alternative messages of suicidal thoughts. We transform suicidal ideation into self-care strategies. We bravely talk about suicide in the ways it really occurs for us. The group can offer support knowing you are not the only one who thinks about suicide. It is my hope the group offers a space to be real about experiences with suicide and listen for the wisdom out of the suicidal thoughts.

This group will be co-led. It requires a registration to ensure the group is a good fit for you.

A waitlist is maintained. You can be put on the waitlist today to be informed when a new group will start.

you are required to pay for all sessions regardless of attendance.
If you pay all upfront there is a 10% discount.

Regular attendance is beneficial for your own (and the groups) growth. Call now to register for the group. (I’m on maternity leave; come back at the end of April 2021 to schedule a consultation). Contact:

Heidi Lindeman at 720-443-1406


Maybe you are considering reaching out but you still have some questions.

What if being in a group for suicide makes my suicidal thoughts worse?

It’s understandable to be concerned about your suicidal thoughts getting worse. It is scary to open up about suicide and to think about talking about suicide every week with a group of people might feel overwhelming. As there is no way to know if the group will increase the intensity with your suicidal thoughts there will be support. You will have two therapists holding the space for you. There are two of us because one of us always wants to be available to step out with an individual if one on one support is needed during the group. You will also have other group members who can provide support. You will be in a space where talking about your current experience around suicide is encouraged.

What if my experience is not welcomed in the group or I’m not accepted?

The co-leaders of the group do our best to create a space where all parts are welcomed. The space is also intentionally created and boundaries and ground rules are established on day one. You contribute to creating the ground rules so everyone in the group can name what is needed for acceptance in the group. The co-leaders have many ways to work with parts of you that feel not accepted. You might even find that the group does in fact accept you which helps heal wounds from the past.

What if my sharing about suicide makes others worse?

Just like you will be supported in your needs others will be supported in their needs. If something you share triggers another person as co-leaders we will work with the person who is triggered to support them. We will support you in your needs around what you have shared. I have also found the more truthful we are when we speak from a core place about our own experience other’s get triggered less. We will work together to support through what is true for each person.

Are there any sliding scale options?

As this is a group and dynamics in groups matter there are no sliding scale options. We want everyone to feel they are paying equal. We recognize finances are different for everyone and to support with needs we do offer a 10% discount if you pay all upfront. You are not just paying for a group, you are in fact investing in yourself. You matter and what you learn in the group around your own suicidal thoughts will stay with you forever.

The next step is to fill out the contact form. You are a brave and courageous soul. There is richness in your experience and I am looking forward to helping you find more of the beauty inside of you. After you have filled out the form I will contact you for an intake. you can ask me any and all questions you have about the group during the intake. Feel free to ask any questions on the contact form, as well. Take your courageous next step and complete the contact form now.

If you do have a plan to kill yourself, your suicidal thoughts are overwhelming, or you want to talk to someone now please reach out to the Colorado Crisis Line at 1-844-493-8255 or text “TALK” to 38255. You can also click HERE to be directed to the Colorado Crisis Services Website.

My website is not a crisis line or is it providing in the moment support. If you need support now I want you to have what you need right now which is why I include the crisis number here.