Trauma Work

Do You Worry?

Do you replay your day over and over in your mind at night, worrying about what went wrong and how to fix it? Do you experience intrusive thoughts that just won’t go away? Do you have nightmares? Is your sleep not peaceful or restful?  Do you worry all day long, living on edge in fear of what might happen? Do you experience anger and hurt? Have you been deeply wounded by another? Do you experience intense waves of emotions? Do you feel depleted, worn down and at your wits end? Do you feel trapped? Have you tried everything and still feel stuck? Do you have deep regrets over lost potential? Have you experienced trauma? Do you think about suicide?

Did You Know…

Intense overwhelming emotions are often flashbacks for those who experienced trauma as a child. You may not have particular memories of trauma if  you went through trauma as a young child because you did not have the ability to store the memories. Trauma is stored in your body as aches, pains and emotions. Your body is working hard for you to heal. The nightmares, intrusive thoughts, overwhelming emotions are all telling you about the pain. What you have experienced in life is terrible. You may feel shame and at blame for bringing this into your life. However, what you experienced was not your fault. Yet, you are left with deep hurt, pain, shame and at your wits end grasping for anything to make life better. I’m here to tell you healing is possible.

You Can Heal Trauma

Living with a trauma response is a struggle. However, there is a way to ease the overwhelming emotions, to decrease the nightmares, to be free from past hurts, to work with shame and come to a new understanding. Healing happens from inside. Therefore, you can heal yourself with a combination of body movements (like yoga, Tia chi, stretching, etc.) and looking internally. Although, healing comes from inside you may feel stuck and need support to heal the trauma.

How I Help You Heal

I help you heal internally by gently and empathetically guiding you into the deep wounds you carry every day. As  you come, with all your experiences, you will no longer have to hold the pain on your own. With an open heart, grounded presence and deep respect I guide you into your internal spaces where the trauma and pain is stored. Through Internal Family Systems (IFS) you can come to know yourself more deeply. I skillfully bring my whole Self into the room and hear all parts of you. I attend and attune to your different parts. Therefore, we can witness and  hear the deepest pain you hold and release the trauma. I can guide you through healing. You can learn how to support yourself more. Together we can change your life so you no longer are stuck with worries, nightmares, and constantly looking over your shoulder.

Continue your Healing Journey

Since the trauma in your life happened your body has been working towards healing. Now that you have found me you are closer to releasing deep pain and experiencing life in a new way. Now is the time to reach out to me for a consultation to ensure we are a good fit. The next step of your healing journey starts right now. Fill out the contact form with the button on the right. Talk with you soon.